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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bio-essence Tanaka White Fair-Y Tale Challenge

Hey Girls, 

I was chosen as one of Bio-essence Tanaka White Challengers last week =P
This was actually happen like this , my friend let me sign up in a form as a challengers but i thought it was for fun and won't think that they will choose me because it was nearly 1000 people sign up for it through form, or online register or wateva way they could figure out. Okay.. then after few day i received a call from a girl name Janice from bio-essence. she told me that i was chosen for that challenge and i was invited to attend a workshop the next Saturday in midvalley. so i did go for it.Eventually my Best friend Kelly was also choose so we went there together, in that workshop they introduce us the products of bio-essence, of course include the main character Tanaka white series. At first glance i thought this item would be definitely expensive because my sister also brought their cleanser, only for the cleanser cost her rm20+ so i thought it would be more expensive compare to those pharmacies brand cleanser like simple , C&C or others... but when they introduce the products, we tried it and know the price, it definitely very worth for it. None of their products over RM100 .
I love their double action essence the most, give me very smooth and cooling skin. So after that they taken our picture for "before" 14day trial use. I'm surely look sucks because i did not use any make up. 
so after that we take our 14day trial set and leave after a good bye speech and we should meet back this Sunday "7Th June 09" in 1 Utama and we will meet our very special guest "Raymond lam and Linda Chung" They will be there to be speech person and take picture with us. 
So anyone that like Raymond lam should go meet him there =P

Till today it's my 12-days using Tanaka white series. Tanaka white series that they give me including : cleanser , toner , double action essence , day cream , night cream , sunblock , 1 pcs of mask .

I feel really good with the whitening effects. after 2 weeks of my absent in make up class, i meet back my classmates they told me that i look more whiten than before, so i guess it really works good on my skin. Even i did not feel much whiten but i really do feel my skin is smoother a lot
than before, and also those uneven skin tone problem is gone my skin look much healthier.

wish me best lucks for this Sunday, hoping i can be the top 10 contestant so i could win some cash vouchers from bio essence buy more of their products. ^^

1 comment:

  1. hey,
    just thinking of dropiingu a mail.
    i am one of the tanaka white 14 days challenge contestants too. did u get any picture of the event?
    i didnt hear abt it anymore.
    do drop me a mail. hope to hear from you soon.